Talent Mapping

Matching the right individual with the right company is essential for a successful relationship

What is talent mapping?

Matching the right individual with the right company is essential for a successful relationship. Yes there must be a culture fit, but more than that, is matching the business objectives with those of the individual, ensuring they are both on the same projectory. It also means ensuring that candidates have the necessary skills needed to be successful in the role. Through our many years experience in finding talent and carrying out psychometric testing, we have been able to analyse attributes that make someone successful in a particular role and use these to help us identify potential candidates and a high calibre short list.

Understanding future needs

Are you cultivating the talent today that your business is going to need tomorrow? Newman Stewart takes a thorough approach to working with you to understand your current and future objectives so that we can match those with like-minded individuals who can help you achieve them. The goal is to identify high-potential candidates whose future development aligns with your strategic priorities. 

The impact on performance

By taking the time to understand what talent is needed to achieve future business growth, we are much more likely to secure candidates who will stay with the business for the long term, and help to make your visions a reality. In doing so, costs and risks to the business are reduced and time to productivity is maximised.

Hiring people who fit with your company culture, and reducing employee turnover will also have a positive impact on your employer brand, something which is crucial for attracting the best hires in today's competitive job market.

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