Psychometric Assessment

Identify the candidates who stand out from the crowd, and who are likely to perform better in your business

80% of the Fortune 500 and 75% of the FTSE 100 now use Psychometric Assessment  

Psychometric Assessment falls into 2 main areas.

Personality Profiling

The way that you are likely to perform in a job may depend very much on your personality.

Personality questionnaires are used in conjunction with interviews to provide a useful insight into an individual’s personal style and to see how they are likely to behave in different circumstances. This allows the employer to judge as part of an overall process whether or not an individual may be culturally suitable and their areas of potential development.

Aptitude and Ability


Measures of aptitude and ability are often used as a part of the selection process.

They provide a more objective measure of an applicant’s potential than just an interview alone. These fall into two categories:

  • Verbal Ability Tests (decision making, delegating, grasp of the English language)
  • Numeric Ability Tests (maths, finances, balance sheets)

Often information is provided that requires interpretation and the application of appropriate logic. These questions are often similar to the type of reasoning required in the workplace.

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