Careers at Newman Stewart – The Consultants’ View

John Tilbrook

Last week, I shared why I think Newman Stewart is a great place to grow your recruitment career. But I wouldn’t expect you to take my word for it! Here are the views of some of the team here at Newman Stewart on why they chose to join us and why they choose to stay. I’ve included links to their LinkedIn profiles so you can connect. Ask them any questions you may have about their careers at Newman Stewart.

Bart Schofield, Director

Joined Newman Stewart as a recruitment consultant in 2017 and is now a Director, running the Client Development side of the business.

Newman Stewart provides a unique environment where you have the opportunity to consult and advise business leaders across various industry sectors. You are trusted to make decisions, whilst having the reassurance and guidance of more experienced team members.

There’s loads of opportunity to shape your own career, and become an expert in a key industry. We have a flat structure and are a relatively small team, so you have exposure to all business areas and your opinion is heard.

We work to a ‘we before me’ mentality  – I haven’t worked in other recruitment organisations but from friends and people we have interviewed our mantra is entirely different. People here take their careers at Newman Stewart seriously, rather than seeing recruitment as a money-spinning stop gap.

And of course, there’s the financial side of things – the sky is the limit in terms of earnings we don’t have rigid salary bandings and there’s no caps on bonuses.

 Josephine Rust, Operations Director

Josephine joined the team in 2022 as a recruitment consultant and now heads up our delivery function alongside Mike. Her previous experience lay in sales within the waste management and construction industries.

Working at Newman Stewart allows us to work with some fantastic market leaders in our spaces, and the level of the roles we work on mean that we are placing the leaders of tomorrow as well as the leaders of today. It’s a really exciting space to be in and I love being a part of it.

For me personally, it has allowed for a huge amount of professional and personal development. Prior to joining Newman Stewart I didn’t think that recruitment was the right fit for me but it’s so important to find the right environment for your style within the industry.

I really like that we take a consultative approach with our clients. We can influence the business by presenting innovative candidates to them and helping to facilitate the decision-making process which ultimately leads to a successful hire.

Mike Pritchard-Howarth, Operations Director

Mike joined Newman Stewart in 2018 as an Associate Recruitment Consultant straight after graduating from the University of Leeds.  He now heads up our delivery function alongside Josephine Rust

I chose to work here as a graduate because I wanted to push myself and develop a career, not just a job, after university. What attracted me was the different atmosphere and culture compared to the other recruitment companies I was interviewing with at the time, the focus on quality and attention to detail rather than a more short-term focussed approach to recruitment.

I have now been here for nearly 6 years and the focus on quality, service level and relationships are as important as ever. I have worked with some of my clients since my first day at Newman Stewart. It has been fantastic to see the growth and maturation of their business.

Whilst we work hard, we also enjoy a different social aspect to work as well where we are often seen climbing mountains, riding quad-bikes or paddleboarding.

It has been great to see members of the team here, some of which I have trained and developed, become some of our top-performing consultants and consistently push each other to perform collaboratively, to deliver for our clients and candidates.

Jamie Snelson, Recruitment Consultant

Jamie joined us last year from the NHS’s in-house recruitment team. He works with Bart in our Client Development team and was voted Rookie of the Year for 2023.

Something that stands out to me at Newman Stewart is our pursuit of quality in everything we do. Being mentored by the SLT has improved my own personal development immensely, both in and out of work.

The earning potential is also astronomical compared to anywhere I have worked or have seen advertised elsewhere.

On a personal note, the support and understanding I received when I had a personal family issue was far beyond what I expected for a small independent business, even when I was a relatively new member of the team.

Martha Maurice-Smith, Principal Consultant

Martha joined the delivery team in February 2021, after graduating from the University of Sheffield, as an Associate Recruitment Consultant.

Getting the opportunity to solve some amazing clients’ challenging issues and consulting with them to find the best long-term solutions is something I am passionate about. I’m a problem solver and can take a consultative approach; my opinion is valued.

I enjoy working in a collaborative team environment. And because I get to work on roles in varied sectors and levels of experience, every day is different which keeps things interesting.

I also really value having a high basic salary, compared to other recruitment roles where you are heavily reliant on commission to be able to afford to live.


If you’re interested in recruitment careers at Newman Stewart, send us your CV or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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