Logistics & Supply Chain

We have experience recruiting a broad spectrum of senior level roles within the logistics sector

Providing the talent to keep logistics companies moving

It only took 4 weeks to provide us with a thorough overview of the current market and 3 high calibre candidates to interview. After bringing 2 of the 3 candidates back for 2nd interviews, we successfully placed a candidate. Executive Search isn’t something I’d ever considered before this, however the process was extremely beneficial.
Managing Director of Rhenus Logistics

Transport and logistics plays a critical role in the UK economy, yet faces the same high level challenges as any other sector – the need to cut costs, increase efficiencies and attract the right talent. At the same time, small margins and the cumbersome nature of moving goods from one place to another, makes disruptive change very difficult.  Growing expectations from consumers for anytime, anywhere delivery continue to drive innovation, and key to staying ahead of the competition will be the right people and skills, including strategic management, customer service and advanced IT capabilities.

We recruit a broad spectrum of managerial roles in logistics, from procurement to warehouse, distribution and supply chain management.

Our clients include Rhenus Logistics, TAD, Walker’s Transport and Pallex.

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