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The global paper and forest products sector is an ever-evolving industry, with an annual global market share of over $250 billion. Despite being one of the key industries that underpins modern society and lifestyles, we often take it for granted.

As the growing presence of digital technology pulls readers away from printed newspapers toward digital, it is no surprise that this has been having a major impact on the paper industry. What may be less recognised is that lost demand in printed papers is being more than offset by demand for other wood-based products. These include tissue, packaging, and textiles, and there’s also new demand for new high-tech products based on wood.

With this shifting focus comes new challenges for organisations as they seek to develop into these new markets and acquire the necessary talent.

Newman Stewart partner with a number of organisations operating internationally within the sector, mapping the global market expertly to identify exceptional professionals through our bespoke paper & forest products executive search service. Through our expertise and significant search and selection networks, we find exceptional candidates both quickly and efficiently.