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Top 5 considerations logistics companies face attracting talent


Logistics companies face a dilemma when looking to recruit talented people. Although they are able to offer varied and diverse roles due to the wide scope of operations, many face a problem of image and reputation, often considered to be old fashioned and lacking in career progression opportunities. Talent management needs to be at the top of their agendas if the workforce is going to keep up with sector growth.

Through our many years’ experience as the chosen executive search provider for the logistics sector, we have collated the feedback from our clients and candidates and industry knowledge to come up with the top 5 considerations logistics companies face when searching for top talent.

1. Speed to hire

As with any sector, lost productivity is bad news. When a business critical role needs filling, it needs filling quickly.

“It only took 4 weeks to provide us with a thorough overview of the current market and 3 high calibre candidates to interview. After bringing 2 of the 3 candidates back for 2nd interviews, we successfully placed a candidate. Executive Search isn’t something I’d ever considered before this, however the process was extremely beneficial.”

David Williams – Managing Director of Rhenus Logistics

2. Selling the employer brand to a diverse talentpool

The modern workforce isn’t just interested in remuneration and job prospects. They are keen to work for a company who can demonstrate strong values and clear aspirations which align with their own.

Establishing an alliance with an executive search firm who specialises in the industry can be beneficial. Firstly it opens up a network of experienced candidates which may not be found through an in-house HR function. Secondly it ensures diversity among candidates, potentially looking at routes to talent that may not have been considered previously. It is well documented that businesses with a more diverse workforce perform better. An executive search firm may be better placed to align candidates with the culture of the business and to sell the ‘employer brand,’ coming from an unbiased and outsider perspective.

3. Understanding Objectives

Individual objectives of employees should also be aligned with an overall value driven corporate strategy. That increases productivity and helps workers feel they have a share in the organisation’s success – increasing employee retention rates, and therefore helping to improve the company’s image.

“Newman Stewart was a positive revelation when compared to others in the recruitment field. They were very clear in explaining the process, understood clearly what both the client and myself were looking for and always kept me well informed. My experience with Newman Stewart has helped rekindle my faith in recruitment agencies.”

Russell Turner – Branch Manager for Rhenus Logistics

4. Remuneration

Companies across the board need to get compensation levels right for both men and women if they are going to attract and keep the best talent. Executive search firms often provide salary benchmarking services and have a good understanding of where a position should be pitched, able to offer advice about whether a job description and package are correctly positioned in order to attract the right level of candidate.

5. High calibre candidates with relevant experience

The shortage of skilled employees in the transportation and logistics industry isn’t going to improve any time soon thanks to a shrinking population and ageing workforce. Logistics companies are embracing new recruitment channels including social media and professional networking, but with the diverse range of skills needed, even this might not be enough. Executive search firms use a number of specialist techniques and channels to headhunt individuals who meet the needs of the business, saving time and getting to the best candidates quickly, avoiding the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Newman Stewart clients include Rhenus logistics, Walkers transport, Pallex and Tad, with typical assignments including Operations Managers, Branch Managers, Territory Sales Managers, Customer Care Managers and Business Development Managers.

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