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The truth about finding your next senior hire


Why is it so difficult to find high calibre candidates? This is a question we are often asked by prospective clients.

In the last financial year, Newman Stewart delivered over 100 assignments, to time and budget, from Managing Director, Sales Director and Chief Operating Officer to Business Development Managers and Quality Managers for SME, Private Equity and large global listed businesses.

So why, in a modern world with far reaching technology, social media channels, vast advertising routes to market, applicant tracking systems, video interviewing and conferencing capability, is it that for some businesses identifying and recruiting talent is such a challenge?

Think about probability in a candidate scarce market

What is the likelihood of the ideal candidate, in the ideal location, with the ideal salary requirements being interested in your business and your job opportunity at the time that you are recruiting it?

Why should they want to work for you? What is in it for them and their career prospects?  

Add to that, what is the likelihood that they will be looking for a job and will find the site that your advert is placed on amongst the several thousand other adverts that have been placed and then choose to apply.

A reactive path leads to reactive results

How likely is it that this ideal candidate will have chosen to register with your preferred recruitment supplier and be sitting, waiting on their database for the right opportunity from your business to emerge?

Add to that, the recruitment companies you have chosen to work with haven’t asked to meet and understand your business, the role, requirement and objectives in full. They tell you the role can be fulfilled and they ask for a job specification, and that’s it.

More wasted time

You send it to them and it results in wasted time meeting candidates who are not remotely appropriate or interested….or perhaps they don’t even show up.

Now in desperate need of that elusive candidate you contact multiple suppliers and send them the job specification, they tell you that what you are looking for is achievable and they will have CV’s over to you in the next few days…………they don’t come, or they don’t appear relevant, or the earlier cycle is repeated.

This has now taken far too long and you don’t know what to do.

There is a better way

Imagine an organisation who ask to meet you, to understand you and your business, where it is going and where it has come from, they want to know all the details and why you are planning to hire.

Imagine that they don’t just say yes, but challenge your perspective and offer insight that is valuable.

Imagine they write and provide a thorough assignment brief, detailing competencies, both technical and behavioural and provide outstanding research and insight that points you in the direction of the appropriate target candidates in a totally transparent manner. A thorough process with a clearly defined plan that delivers a desired outcome.

Imagine they take the time to meet and interview every candidate personally before they are presented to you and keep you up to date through every stage of the process.

Imagine they provide their insight and also provide psychometric assessment and where required ability test each and every shortlisted candidate.

Employer branding in the war for talent

Which organisation would you prefer to represent you and your brand to your prospective employees?

We recently wrote a blog on this subject, and hear time and again that the difference between good and great, poor and exceptional businesses is its people.

I find it hard to think that anyone could disagree with that statement, though roll the clock forward and perhaps we will insert robots? I digress…..

People are the ones who define processes, win that target customer or develop the new product, technology or solution that drives the growth of your business.

Are you ready to talk?

If you have a critical requirement, or you think that there must be a better way to find that elusive candidate, then we would be delighted to talk to you.

Newman Stewart has grown organically since 2011. We are a fast paced, privately owned leading provider of Executive Search, Management Selection, Interim & Psychometric Assessment services located in Leeds, Wetherby & London.

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