Diversity & Inclusion

Newman Stewart is proud to lead the way in diversity and inclusion in executive search

Over the years we have seen that a diverse workforce brings competitive advantage

We work closely with our clients to suggest new ways of thinking to encourage such diversity in their search for talent.

Through our thorough and all inclusive practices which focus on skills, not personality traits, and our many years’ experience, we actively seek to find elusive candidates who may not fit the client’s existing mould and who they may not have otherwise found or considered.

In addition, we aim to encourage diversity and inclusion in everything we do by:

Creating a positive and supportive working environment for all staff and customers.
Protecting employees from being discriminated against because of one or more of the protected characteristics that apply to them.
Promoting the diversity of the workforce.
Providing equal opportunity for everyone in the workforce, no matter their background or characteristics.
Responding to changing demographics and working patterns, e.g. employers being flexible with work so to retain valuable employees who have specific needs and meet customer demands.