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NS Interim

Exceptional Interim managers and consultants – delivered to you.

NS Interim provides interim managers and consultants with expertise to resolve business challenges, transform processes and performance.

Our consultants have the significant business expertise required to understand your business and the detail of each assignment.

Our talent pool of excellent interim managers means we will fulfil your assignment.

NS Interim is a division of Newman Stewart Executive Search. Working often in partnership across similar markets we have the same values, ethics and diligence.

Whether you are a client seeking an interim or a candidate seeking your next interim assignment, NS Interim will deliver results.

Excellent businesses employ excellent people.
We find them and deliver

How can NS Interim Help and what are the benefits?

The NS Interim network of interim managers and consultants is best in class.

Our interim managers and consultants are expert in resolving business challenges in demanding timescales and do so with intelligence, diligence and rigour.

The clear advantage to Interim over alternative routes is that it allows an organisation to access knowledge and implement change immediately, in conjunction with your existing team that improves results, delivers a challenging project and leaves a lasting positive impression.

In addition, Interims are a flexible and variable cost option, not a fixed overhead. With the nature of Interim contracts this gives organisations great flexibility.

Interim managers are experienced professionals who bring industry knowledge and expertise that is independent and as a consequence able to offer insight and value towards a specific goal quickly.

What is the process of fulfilling an Interim assignment?

NS Interim supports you and the Interim Manager for the duration of the assignment.

We will work with you to understand the brief and deliverables, ensuring we select the right Interim Manager in terms of skills, knowledge and expertise.

We then talk to our network of experienced and pre-qualified interim managers to establish who is available, presenting you with our shortlist of no more than 4 excellent interims.

We will support the decision-making process, provide references and a venue to conduct interviews.

We then oversee the contractual process and negotiation of terms.

During the assignment we liaise with all parties to ensure project deliverables are being met and that all parties are clear as to progress.

When the assignment has been concluded we will have a wrap-up meeting to take feedback and review.

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