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Executive Search

Newman Stewart utilises a range of modern and traditional search techniques that are thorough and exacting to headhunt professionals who fit the profile of your business requirements. High performing individuals are scarce and are increasingly so within specialist industries and amongst senior positions. Also, it is more unlikely that exceptional individuals will be actively looking for new opportunities as they will be considered a valuable asset by their current employer and being rewarded accordingly. Therefore we search for both active and passive candidates and approach them on your behalf to establish if they would consider a career move and what the determining factors would be.

Excellent businesses employ excellent people.
We find them and deliver

1. Meet & Understand

We take time to meet you, in order to understand you and your business, its objectives, where it has come from, where it is going to, what success might look like, why there is a need to recruit and what you expect to achieve by successfully fulfilling the opportunity.

When we have met and understood, we can define and write the Assignment Brief to encompass: Company Overview, Job Specification, Person Specification, Competency Profile, Induction Objectives, and Interview Process. In doing so we are better placed to sell the opportunity to prospective candidates and then assess their capability to fulfil the role.

2. Research

Define the target audience, specific markets, companies and people to approach. We never approach an identified individual until we have your authority to do so.

3. Approach

Approach the target individuals and reject candidates who do not fulfil all aspects of the Brief, invite those who appear to meet the Brief to interview.

4. Assess

Use the Brief to interview and assess the skills, behaviours and competence of all prospective candidates and where requested utilise Psychometric Assessment tools. Provide reports on all shortlisted candidates documenting their suitability and potential areas for development.

5. Deliver

Provide a search report on all search activities and candidate reports on all shortlisted candidates to fully inform the client prior to their interviews. We then manage the candidates through the interview process, offer and start date to ensure a successful transition into their new opportunity.

6. Review

After 3 months of employment conduct review meetings with the successful candidate and all client contacts to ensure all parties remain satisfied.

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