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New Video: Why Use Executive Search?

This week we were excited to give our clients the first look at our new Newman Stewart corporate executive search video ahead of our website launch next month. The video gives an overview of why a business may look to use an executive search firm for their recruitment needs, and why Newman Stewart is a great choice. Below is a summary of the points covered. Take a look and let us know what you think.

What business problem are you trying to solve?

Imagine you unexpectedly lose a high performing and senior member of your team who was driving your organisation to success. You are already seeing the consequences of losing such a business critical role and are losing competitive advantage. You may have spent some time trying to fill the role in-house but are becoming frustrated with the time it is taking, the calibre of candidates you’re attracting and you’re running out of places to advertise the role.

Why is an Executive Search firm the answer?

A good executive search firm works as an extension to your business. That’s additional resource, with the tools and expertise at their disposal to achieve a successful conclusion to your search quickly. For senior level recruitment, there is often a degree of confidentiality which makes searching via the normal channels even more of a challenge. You should know that the best talent is usually employed somewhere else, making it hard to find, and even harder to persuade away from a business where they’re excelling and highly valued.

Why Newman Stewart?

Newman Stewart has over 50 years’ experience recruiting senior and board level roles with both national and international search expertise and an extensive network of candidates and clients. We are trusted by many blue chip, medium and small businesses, with thorough and exacting processes within APSCo and Association of Executive Recruitment guidelines. We live by our values every day and are driving performance for our clients right now. This is why over 90% of our clients choose to use us again.

Because we take the time to understand your objectives, agree and formulate a search strategy, and use careful talent mapping methodologies and psychometric assessment, our chances of finding the best performing candidates are much higher than yours alone.

Will I get Return on my Investment?

Finding the best people for your business takes time. Time that is costing your business money. By using an executive search firm, the role will be filled in an efficient manner, with a higher probability of success. By matching career aspirations to business aspirations and personal attributes to business culture, the chances of finding a candidate who stays with your business for the long-haul are much greater. That is surely worth the investment alone. Value is further added beyond the search through industry knowledge, interviewing and search expertise, assessment frameworks based on competencies and proven algorithms, and access to a network of best-in-class professionals. All of this means reduced risk and increased time to productivity and performance.

Call us now on 01937 541395 to discuss your upcoming hiring needs.


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