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Recruitment - A Challenging & Rewarding Career

I recently watched a webinar on predictions on the future of talent. In it, there were some findings on what different generations are looking for when applying for a job. Surprisingly, compensation came a way down the list, with the top reasons being opportunities for advancement and a role that is challenging and engaging.

Recruitment hasn’t always been the career of choice with graduates, perhaps because historically it hasn’t been seen as a vocation in the way other professions have. However, this view is changing as graduates realise that recruitment can be a great platform to launch a high performing and rewarding career. In fact, Newman Stewart recently took on a law graduate who had decided in a change of direction, choosing recruitment instead. So why has a career in recruitment become more attractive and what are the things that make it so appealing?

Why work in Recruitment?

1) Every day is different

Recruitment Consultants are many things to many people. Ultimately they are working to find the right candidate to fulfil a particular brief, not only matching skills and experience, but also company culture and values. This involves a variety of disciplines, from marketing and sales, to liaison and negotiation, to interviewing and problem solving. There’s no denying that recruitment is a people business, requiring great personalities that are able to find and engage candidates and clients.

2) Progression Opportunities

A good Recruitment Consultant needs to show professionalism and dedication in order to build trust with candidates and clients, and in doing so, is often rewarded with long standing relationships and success. High performing Consultants can quickly progress up the ranks, where performance is judged higher than qualifications, age, or other factors often sought after in senior management at other businesses.

3) It’s Challenging

Finding new clients and building trust with them is no mean feat. Nor is finding exceptional talent. Particularly in today’s shrinking workforce. You will need to be hard working and resilient in order to succeed. If you are driven and work well under pressure, then recruitment could be for you.

4) The rewards can be great

Yes, we finally got there…Money. Of course remuneration is an important factor when deciding to take a job. In the main, recruitment professionals are left to work autonomously, but they will be expected to meet targets, maybe not straight away, but certainly once they are established. The Consultants who do well, do very well, earning well over average earnings for that age group, through generous bonuses and incentives on top of their basic salary. Not only that, but through matching the right candidate to the right role, you are changing someone’s life – Imagine the job satisfaction from that!

5) Investment in you

Recruitment firms, particularly the ones focused on fulfilling senior level roles, are usually cash rich, with their main overhead being people, i.e. you. That means that advancement and development of those people is crucial if the business is to be successful. Newman Stewart, like many other executive search firms, offers a clear development and onboarding path for new starters, helping them to learn the industry with the opportunity to be mentored by a more experienced Consultant. This can provide invaluable business experience. In addition, investment in further training with external parties, such as Sales skills, is also high on the priority list.

The team at Newman Stewart provided me with some thoughts on why they love what they do.

“The ability to support a diverse range of business requirements is extremely rewarding”

“The team really pulls together in order to help our clients. There is definitely a buzz in the office when we win new business or successfully complete an assignment.”

“I love it when a candidate I’ve been working with is offered a position that they really wanted. It’s a great feeling to know we have played a part in changing their life for the better.”

“The best part of my job is the people. I meet so many different personalities each day. There is definitely never a dull moment.”

“I love my job because I am continuously encouraged to better myself and operate at the highest standards. Recruitment offers a fantastic sense of reward through fulfilling an assignment from start to finish and seeing the value we deliver to our clients.”

Newman Stewart is currently hiring Associate Consultants. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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