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12 Interesting Milestones Achieved in 2017

In the last week of December, we achieved a key financial milestone at Newman Stewart. In celebration we thought it would be a nice idea to recognise other notable events that happened in 2017.


January 20 – Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States


February 11 – North Korea prompts international condemnation by test firing a ballistic missile across the Sea of Japan


March 29 – The United Kingdom triggers article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, starting the Brexit Negotiations, the talks for the United Kingdom to Leave the European Union

March 30 – SpaceX conducts the world’s first re-flight of an orbital class rocket


May 12 – Computers around the world are hit by a large-scale ransomware cyberattack, which goes on to affect at least 150 countries


June 1 – Amidst wide criticism, the U.S. announces its decision to withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement in due time


July 10 – Syrian Civil War: Mosul is declared fully liberated from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant


August 17 – The first observation of a collision of two neutron stars is hailed as a breakthrough in multi-messenger astronomy when both gravitational and electromagnetic waves from the event are detected


September 6–10 – The Caribbean and United States are struck by Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 hurricane that is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin outside the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. The storm causes at least 134 deaths and at least $63 billion (2017 USD) in damage


October 27 – Catalonia declares independence from Spain but the Catalan Republic is not recognised by the Spanish government or any other sovereign nation


November 2 – A new species of orangutan is discovered in Indonesia, becoming the third species of orangutan and the first great ape to be described for almost a century

November 15 – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is placed under house arrest, as the military take control of the country. He resigns six days later, after 37 years of rule


December 22 – Newman Stewart achieves a key financial milestone as part of its continued growth plans and is now looking forward to the next phase of growth.

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Source: Wikipedia

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